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Retail Service Reviews

The below customer comments were volunteered and are used with permission. Thank you for taking your time to comment.

–I was very happy with Bay Bridge ... I felt very confident with their service. A real top knotch company. –J. Wood, TX

–Very professional. Product was excellent and good value for the money. I would definitely do business with them again. – anonymous

–The delivery of the items I ordered was a LOT faster than they had even indicated. The product was packaged great and I am very happy with the towels that I purchased. I would definitely do business with Bay Bridge again. –Frances D., Brooklyn, NY

–No better on-line ordering and response by merchant anywhere. –M.Day, Seminole, FL

–Prior to placing my in-line order I called the Bay Bridge number. I had an enjoyable and informative conversation with the individual who answered the phone. I was able to make an informed decision about the product I was planning to purchase and about the path I was taking exercise wise. –L.Glover, LaMesa, CA

–They were prompt - order was received when expected. And I even received a written "Thank you" on my receipt! –J.Moone, Odessa, NY

–The customer service was excellent as I received the product I ordered right with their timeline of shipping days to allow. –M.Pepper, Montoursville, PA

–Super FAST delivery. –Anita F., San Diego, CA

–You were even good enough to track my order down, the day before Christmas. Thank you--I will remember your site! –anonymous

–Fast shipping / easy site to navigate / first class merchandise. Could not be happier! –Fred B.

–A good job, well done! –Lois P., Auburn, CA