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What is it about Yoga? [February 2013]
Bay Bridge Fitness Adds Jeunesse Skin Care To Its Primary Array
Auburn Yoga & Fitness hosts Workout for St. Jude [January 2011] [opens in new window]
Auburn Yoga plans grand opening party Auburn Journal

What is it about Yoga?

by Gwenn Jones, Auburn Yoga Studio

Auburn, CA (Placer Sentinel) JANUARY 2013 – Contrary to what many non-yoga folks identify as "hauling the legs behind the head," this is rare in standard yoga classes.

The Body – Curious beginners as well as competitive athletes practice yoga to reduce stress, develop body balance, tone muscles, and improve flexibility.

Articles report professionals adding yoga to their fitness regimes are: the Miami Dolphins, Philadelphia Eagles, New York Giants, LA Lakers, Evander Holyfield, Pete Sampras, Shaquille O'Neal, LeBron James, and John McEnroe. No matter beginner or advanced student, yoga is age-friendly. A qualified yoga instructor demonstrates modifications and technique improvements for even basic postures to facilitate ease in class and success in practice.

Regular yoga practice assists us in the control of our muscles and works muscles that are ignored in daily life. Moreover, yoga benefits us with enhanced stamina, a heightened immune system, improved blood circulation, reduced blood pressure, cleansed and improved internal organ function, increased lung capacity – and most familiar – relief of common back pain. Most see these results in a very short time with adherence. In practice, we work consistently on breath concentration to improve our focus and encourage relaxation.

The Mind – After any yoga workout the physical aspiration is markedly clear. Yoga asana builds body balance. However, common emotional consequences from yoga are: self-pride, calmness, reduced stress, joyful spirit, positive outlook – to name a few.

To summarize the feeling after a yoga practice as a huge but gentle "ahhh" is completely accurate. Yoga helps connect mind and body, and when we connect the two, our judgment improves, and in turn our lives enrich.

Stress these days, regardless of type or reason, often seems bottomless. But fortunately the post-yoga exhilaration and emotional balance hits us head-on every time. It helps us stay "in the battle" so-to-speak as life itself is frequently unstable. The pride and joy of yoga practice quickly becomes a passion and subsequently, part of the soul.

Enjoy the pleasure – since the more we move, the more we can.

Gwenn Jones owns Auburn Yoga Studio, Auburn, CA. Professional certifications include YogaFit Worldwide 2007; American Council on Exercise double-certified since 1994 (Group Fitness and Personal Trainer). Instruction in fitness practices (private and group) since 1990 in San Francisco Bay Area and Auburn, Ca. Gwenn also produces and hosts The Yoga Show on Auburn Community Television since September 2012.

Look Great, Feel Great, Make Money:
Bay Bridge Fitness Adds Jeunesse Skin Care To Its Primary Array

Bridge Fitness signs on with Jeunesse Global presenting U.S. and International clientele superior choices in high-tech skin restoration. As today's populace elects Non-Invasive methods, this wellness company jumps aboard with a winner.

Online PR News – 14-November-2011 – To be hot in the USA is impressive, but in 70 additional countries too? It is understated to say that Jeunesse Global's new skin care line has ignited across the world. The relevance, the buzz, and the client trials have resulted in massive triumph as Jeunesse now operates worldwide. But why? Consumers echo a clear message; they look great and feel wonderful. The Jeunesse distributors are twice as happy. In fact, thousands of times happier in the profits department as they continually sell exactly what people desire – more youthful skin without surgery, tenacious performance, and all-natural products. Putting folks to work is not a sorry deal either.

Despite the current economy the anti-aging industry remains recession-proof. People lay out the bucks for a more youthful appearance and are opting for non-invasive alternatives. Prevailing in this population are baby-boomers which account for much of the U.S. and U.K. populations. "Vanity is not the sole motivation," says Gwenn Jones, owner of Bay Bridge Fitness, California, "boomers, myself included, are truly concerned about skin cancers, wrinkles and spots caused by repeated sun exposure and are prompting others to increase awareness."

The Jeunesse skin serum, labeled Luminesce, (formulated utilizing adult stem cell technology) penetrates and delivers 200 growth factors into the pores stimulating the production of collagen and elastin proteins. The attraction of the Jeunesse formulation for Bay Bridge Fitness is threefold: 1) A superb skin product employing highly sought-after technology; 2) the sales agents driving it to the public forefront; and 3) the natural, paraben-free principles which are fitness and wellness friendly. Jones says, "Aside from our healthy meal plans now international, Jeunesse products enable us to increase our client-base to dozens of countries." The skin serum blends in brilliantly with Bay Bridge's wellness campaign, and integrates seamlessly in both the yoga studio and online.

With a medical advisory board consisting of Dr. Nathan Newman of Beverly Hills, CA, renowned surgeon Dr. Vincent Giampapa, and Europe's Dr. William Amzallag, along with a significant executive management lineup, Jeunesse Global is headed in a precise direction, the top. Recently securing membership to the DSA (Direct Selling Association), Jeunesse shows an obvious fire in the belly and a strict code of ethics; part of the value for a wellness-related company such as Bay Bridge Fitness.

The Jeunesse Global sales agents are intensely aware they are on a very hot ride whether to supplementary income, assured retirement, or a more comfortable lifestyle. As far as the consumers – when they are happy they spread the word – likely to 10 people, who share with 10 others. Jeunesse skin serum is definitely a happy epidemic with operations in Europe, Asia, the U.S.A. and Mexico. The timing here is ripe for small business to get bigger.

Company Information: Bay Bridge Fitness, just outside Sacramento, California, celebrates 22 years in the fitness and wellness industry providing corporate, group and private programs. Recently added is a yoga studio in rapidly maturing Auburn, California. This company enjoys passionate efforts to improve wellness locally, nationally, and now internationally. For more information, call: 1+ 530.401.6096 or email

Auburn Yoga plans grand opening party

Auburn, CA (Auburn Journal) August 28, 2008 -- The kick-off of Auburn Yoga & Fitness Studio will be held from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Sept. 6, showing of a remodeled 1,100 square-foot site in Victorian Village.

Free yoga, stability ball, senior yoga, and conditioning classes for men and women follow Sept. 8-13.

Auburn Yoga & Fitness Studio is located at 1175 Grass Valley Highway.

For information, call (530) 889-2920 or visit