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Gwenn Jones: Fitness Bio

Certified: Personal Trainer, Yoga Instructor, Mind-Body Specialist, Group Fitness Bay Bridge Fitness; Auburn Yoga & Fitness Studio

Gwenn Jones, owner of Bay Bridge Fitness and Auburn YOGA & Fitness Studio, is a native San Franciscan, now Auburn resident, active through her teens with dance and tennis. As an adult, it became a personal challenge to squeeze in adequate fitness time while working 8-to-5, plus surprise overtime.

She began a steady exercise regime locally when exercise science crossed a huge threshold in the mid-1980s. Professionals began developing achievable fitness programming, creating fun exercise styles, broadcasting the need for improved health, and raising the level of respect for fitness pros and scientists.

Enjoying a regular exercise class lacked challenge after a time. In 1989, she requested, and was given her first group fitness training position in her exercise facility - as a trial.

With her background, Gwenn was able to kick off well-rounded group classes while determined to add some "muscle" to the facility's program. While coordinating with the ongoing center's Cardio regimen, she also focused on strength work adding dumbbells to the center's program - where strength training did not exist previously. Teaching the full body concept resulted in a strong and happy following in a short time. Gwenn tested and attained two national fitness certifications from the American Council on Exercise. This trial period lasted 11 years! She published quarterly health newsletters for the City of Burlingame from 1994-2006 to keep members educated while promoting wellness.

Concurrently San Francisco State University invited Gwenn to teach for their private health-fitness program called HealthStart (for Professors and staff). This was an interim position, but a valued notch in her belt in 1995.

At the same time, she was asked to fill a brand new Corporate fitness consultant and trainer position at Trans Ocean Corporation in San Bruno, CA (now TransAmerica). Trans Ocean was constructing an in-house Corporate Gym. The camaraderie of Corporate fitness combined with the pride in the employees' success stories were treasured. Juggling all balls at once was working well and merited a name which appropriately became Bay Bridge Fitness.

In October 2004, Bay Bridge Fitness was featured in New York's Potentials Magazine outlining the role of incentives for companies beginning a fitness-wellness program. The article was entitled, Fast Track to Fitness.

Consulting with Corporate groups about balanced nutrition and incorporating moderate exercise became her method to spread the word and improve health for everyone. Gwenn continues her focus on bringing fitness into the workplace whether in the Bay Area or in Sacramento and Placer counties where she relocated in early 2004.

Gwenn's Auburn YOGA & Fitness Studio in Auburn opened in 2008 with classes in Yoga, Pilates, Stretch and personal fitness training.

"Keeping jobs and ties in the Bay Area, while making new ones in the Sierra foothills, will keep Bay Bridge Fitness a passionate and growing life's work." - Gwenn

Testimonials & Client Reviews

Used with permission

"We attend Monday morning Soft Yoga with Gwenn, and have since 2008. We are new in the area and tried out many local classes before finding Gwenn. Her teaching style individualized the level of yoga taught to the skill level and the physical limitations of age that we bring to the class. The years we have been attending have built up our strength, flexibility and stamina to the point where back aches have receded into the past, and skiing, jogging and mountain biking have become easier and easier."   - Sam & Dick, Meadow Vista, CA
"The yoga classes I've taken are a perfect compliment to my other exercise routine. I have built a new relationship with my body through yoga. I'm more flexible than I have been in YEARS. I have lost weight and I'm getting stronger in a very positive direction. Believe me when I say yoga can change your life!"   - B.Stewart, Auburn, CA
"My wife and I have been going to Auburn Y & F for since 2010 and we haven't felt this good in years. No more back and joint pain in the mornings when we wake up. Gwenn is a wonderful teacher, helping correct our body positions while doing the exercises and giving us alternatives if our abilities are not quite up to doing the full position. We go twice a week and would go more often if we had the time. I recommend it to everyone - young and old, in good shape or just starting to exercise."   -B & L, Meadow Vista
"After supervising the fitness classes and instructors since 1990, I can honestly say that Gwenn's contributions to our department, students and staff are unsurpassed. Dependable and dedicated to her students' needs, she creates a loyal following and makes her classes a pleasure to attend. In addition to her excellent teaching, Gwenn keeps up on the latest fitness/nutrition news and is an invaluable writer for our fitness newsletters."
-T. Pinney, former Fitness Department Supervisor, Burlingame, CA
"Prior to placing my in-line order I called the Bay Bridge 800 number. I had an enjoyable and informative conversation with the individual who answered the phone. I was able to make an informed decision about the product I was planning to purchase and about the path I was taking exercise wise."   - name withheld
Gwenn Jones bio Personal Fitness and Yoga Training "Gwenn has a high level of consistent, positive energy, always striving for improvement in herself and others through inspirational methods of motivation, a strong sense of confidence in setting and reaching goals and objectives, is always investigating new ideas and implementing those worthy of her high standards in mental and physical health."   -David D., Los Angeles, CA
"In knowing Gwenn Jones since 2000, I have had the opportunity to know her both professionally and personally. Gwenn is dedicated to her students, gives 100% in every class, and is one of the most professional and dependable trainers I have ever had the pleasure of working with. She will do whatever it takes for her students and her character is one of integrity and loyalty. She does a wonderful job, her students love her, and she is an asset for any company."   - Linda O., Fitness Club Director, Napa, CA
"I started taking the classes with Gwen for health reasons. My Cholesterol was very high and my doctor wanted me to get aerobic exercise at least 3 times a week, preferably 5 times a week. After I started the classes, I learned a lot of different moves and used them at home too. There was always something new to learn. For example, I did not know you should hold your stretch for at least 10 seconds until I came to class - it's really important. I really enjoyed Gwen's classes, as there was a good camaraderie too."   - Gerald J., San Francisco
"While attending Gwenn's sessions, I have increased my knowledge in the area of fitness by learning the proper way to exercise using a variety of methods, and practicing better nutrition habits. Her demeanor is uplifting and there is always energy in the air! She takes a lot of time and care in her program."   - Laurell J., San Francisco
"I took Gwenn's class because I wanted to be in better shape, and she is a fun, high energy instructor and is good at what she does. She always encouraged, but never pushed harder than a person was ready for."   -Pat M., San Francisco

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Gwenn Jones bio Personal Fitness and Yoga Training, Auburn CA

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