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Starting a safe Fitness program is a smart decision. Beginning with a personal trainer is even smarter!
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Any qualified personal fitness trainer will advise you that a successful health-fitness regime consists of four components: regular cardiovascular training; strength training; flexibility; and balanced nutrition. You will have results with these practices. All four factors sound monstrous in one sentence - but with appropriate moderation, results happen!

Basics of Personal Fitness Training - Let's clarify the very basics of the four fitness components since they work together. Once you are on track with these additions to your life, you can trust you are on your way to: Looking and feeling better, having more energy, increasing heart health, reducing illness and depression, improving blood pressure and cholesterol, attaining health in body and mind, and much more.

1. Cardiovascular training burns calories and assists the heart and lungs in becoming stronger and more efficient. Cardio training also decreases body fat, lowers blood pressure, raises HDL cholesterol, reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, hypertension, stroke, and tones our lower half beautifully. Examples of recommended cardio training are swimming, walking/running, skiing (cross-country preferred) and cycling for those who enjoy the outdoors. For indoors, aerobics classes are great like STEP aerobics, Zumba, dancing, kickboxing, treadmills (though not solely treadmill), and elliptical equipment. Cardio training should be 3-5 times per week in a minimum of 20-30 minute sessions. If looking for weight loss, sessions should progress to burn 500 calories per day.

feeling good and looking good are enormous incentives!

2. Strength training, a frightening term for some, will tone muscles, shape the body, increase bone strength (i.e., density which staves off osteoporosis), increase metabolism, and improve posture. [The term "strength training" is broad and our use and recommendations do not include rules of high-intensity weight lifting, which is a personal choice.]

For overall strength and toning improvement, we first recommend "functional" strength training. Functional training utilizes multiple major muscle groups at once and directly relates to building the body safely for more ease in daily activities. Second, weight machines and dumbbells are a great way to build muscle strength provided the routine is altered approximately every 4-6 weeks. The method of training is definitely controllable to meet one's desires of either improving muscle tone or building mass.

3. Flexibility training means stretching exercises for the purposes of increasing one's joint range of motion (ROM), and keeping our muscles pliable. The most popular, most enjoyable, and most effective methods of keeping our bodies flexible are through yoga or Pilates (or both). This is because the practices of yoga or Pilates utilize our musculature in strengthening AND stretching movements combined -- particularly successful because during same, we are "opening" the front body which is often ignored.

Both yoga and Pilates strengthen and balance the back which reduces back pain. (According to USA mean stats, 80-85% of people suffer from back pain.) In addition, back pain is the largest reported reason of work absences in America. We should practice stretching at least 2-3 times per week. For the above three practices, warming up for approximately 8 minutes is essential to achieve full results and avoid injuries.

back pain is the largest reported reason of work absences in America.

4. Balanced Nutrition is the fourth vital merger to attain AND MAINTAIN a healthy union. With simple and sensible improvements to your daily diet, amazing transformations can occur. It is YOU, the fitness participant, whose positive attitude and consistency will determine if these components will be complicated or simple. However, your personal fitness consultant will be forever helpful in achieving your physical fitness objective.

When will you see changes? A question everyone asks, and a logical one. Depending on your frequency and consistency with your fitness regime and nutrition, you can see and feel changes starting in as little as two weeks. In direct relation to "back pain," with a practice of strength and stretch in yoga practice, most people feel improvement the first day.

Consistency, frequency and intensity are the determining factors of your success. And, YOU, are the determining factor in keeping these four practices in working motion. With dedication to your personal goals, your regime becomes "regular" (or consistent). When you become regular, wellness becomes your "lifestyle." The more time goes by, the easier it is to maintain physical fitness. Moreover, feeling good and looking good are enormous incentives.

When you are ready to make fitness or dietary adjustments, you should consult with your health care provider.

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Who is Bay Bridge Fitness and how can we help you?

Bay Bridge Fitness originated from and operated in the San Francisco Bay Area for 15 years. After relocating to Auburn, California in 2004, we added Auburn Yoga & Fitness Studio, plus associated trainers.

Our trainers provide services for those wanting to begin or fine-tune a health-fitness program. Accepting clients is a precise decision for Bay Bridge Fitness. After 25+ years in the fitness industry, most savvy trainers can identify those who are ready to make the commitment to adjust their lifestyle, and those not. Our trainers usually train clients in our yoga studio. [Occasionally clients trained at their work or home by prior appointment.]

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